We are experts in audio first production, the fastest growing media format. Storytel Original is a publishing format which is a place for experiments with ground breaking formats and storytelling innovation. Every writer decides their level of engagement in our unique creative process. We are supported by data, but without limiting creative freedom.

  • At Storytel, we know from experience that it’s key to connect the right voice to the right story for the right customer.
  • We are experts at matching these three together: we have a lot of data on popular narrators in relation to different types of stories. And we have an unmatched international network of voices
  • With our Storytel Original publishing process, we use the expertise from optimize stories for narration from the ground up.

This can be an opportunity for your spinoff idea, that character that was pulled out of the story, that project that didn’t hold up for a printed novel, but with Storytel’s team of editors and sound producers will be an excellent audio story.